Treating Jenson with Photizo Vetcare

Jenny Sims, the owner of Jenson, a 16-year old Irish Sports Horse and BE all-rounder noticed he was tapping the odd pole during the show jumping phase at the Frickley ODE in July 2016.

Immediately concerned Jenny’s trainer, Abbie Coulson, concluded that something wasn’t quite right. Lizzie Allen of Darrowby Vets was called in for a poor performance diagnosis and a hoof imbalance was identified.

Jenson’s Farrier of 11 years, Mark Connole, helped remedy this to some extent. Despite Jenson not displaying any lameness as such at that time, Vet Lizzie Allen referred him to Newmarket Vets for further diagnostics and work up in Aug 2016.

Diagnosis by Vet, Sue Dyson, revealed as proximal suspensory desmitis (PSD) high suspensory disease and associated sacroiliac (SI) dysfunction.

Jenny has owned Jenson for 11 years and together enjoyed pleasure rides to dressage, and show jumping to Eventing. Notably at Shelford Manor in May 2016, where they were placed 7th – their first and what could have potentially been their last BE placing.

Feeling that this was potentially the end of Jenson’s career, it was around this time therapist Eleanor Frost began treating Jenson with sports and remedial massage to support his on-going care.

Jenny Sims explained: “He is the most lovable honest horse, who is a true gent and he never fails to put a smile on my face. He loves to lay down in his stable, to see how many shavings he can get on his rug! As Jenson was not a candidate for an operation, I needed to find out about alternative therapies”.

As a reflection of the issues in Jenson’s body Eleanor found a multitude of tight areas requiring therapeutic work. The routine of therapy was maintained bi-monthly for Jenson in addition to light ridden and ground work and varied training.

It was 2017 when Eleanor became involved with Photizo when searching for something extra to add to the therapy ‘toolkit’. Not a fan of gadgets and fads, she took her time to research and trial the Vetcare.

Spending a day with Ruth Milner MD at Danetre Health Products, the UK Photizo HQ, Eleanor gleaned information regarding the research behind the technology, its biological effects and its correct usage and dosage. Over the past four years Eleanor has combined the Vetcare both in her professional practice and personally on herself, friends, family members and animals.

She enthused: “The results were exceptional with accelerated healing from all manner of conditions from a wound or cut, to sore throats, toothache, headaches, even acne/skin complaints. I have numerous case studies now, such as Jenny’s, which have enhanced my appreciation of the device, in its own right, and as a supplementary tool used with massage.”

With confidence in the unit Eleanor began to offer it on a trial period to clients to also see and feel the benefits it had to offer. Jenny eagerly trialled the unit for a fortnight specifically to the affected hind limb and sacroiliac regions.

Eleanor explained: “Jenny was so taken with Photizo. She purchased her own for daily usage on Jenson. This worked well between my visits as following a treatment, I could go on to advise hot spots or target areas for Jenny to focus on. I was genuinely astounded at the difference in Jenson’s body and how it felt. Making the comparisons between my visits and Jenny using the Photizo unit. It was quite phenomenal. It only highlighted further the benefits that red light has to offer.”

Vetcare was integrated on Jenson in combination with sports and remedial massage techniques. Incorporating effleurage, petrissage and tapotement massage methods as required. Plus some trigger point and myofasical release work, along with some elements of cranio-sacral therapy.

Jenson initially required Photizo therapy in his lumbar, sacroiliac region, gluteals, right biceps femoris and right distal hind limb. Eleanor also recommended he needed Photizo support to the right brachiocephalic and his cranial thoracic regions.

Jenson’s progress was credited to Jenny’s diligence and determination to make him well spending several hours a week dedicated to Jenson’s Photizo sessions.

Jenny’s patience was repaid ten-fold when, one year on from the initial diagnosis, the vet, Lizzie Allen, returned to scan Jenson. With a great deal of trepidation and a lot riding on this outcome, everyone involved was thrilled to discover that there was accelerated healing with the suspensory ligament. Plus a vast improvement with only a tiny degree of remaining scar tissue, and no sacroiliac dysfunction was identified either.

Incredibly Vet Lizzie Allen suggested that far from Jenson ‘hanging up his shoes’ for the quieter life, the realms of competing at low level and going cross country again, was a possibility! The general consensus was all round surprise at the improvement and overall rate of healing within the year as often times such injuries can continue considerably.

Jenson is now 16 years old and still enjoys being worked up to four times a week doing a variety of hacking, schooling and attending clinics. Eleanor continues to treat him every other month and Jenny maintains in between visits with the Photizo.

Ruth Milner MD of Danetre Health Products commented: “It’s been brilliant observing Eleanor’s on-going success with Photizo. It’s proof that our handy device combining the latest LED technology to deliver highly effective doses of phototherapy works. It’s such an accessible tool, especially when focussing on a holistic approach to promote natural healing.”

“I’m really impressed with the Photizo unit, as it is such a simple bit of kit, which has been of huge benefit to Jenson’s situation. It is so easy to use, and I am still using it on him on a regular basis (and even on myself from time to time!). I’m so grateful to Eleanor for mentioning about the Vetcare, as the improvements in Jenson’s scans are amazing. People really need to know about this product, and the amount of benefits it has! Jenson is now able to jump again, and if he continues to go from strength to strength, then who knows what the future will hold for us both!”

— Jenny Sims

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