Recovery after fenestration surgery

Jazzy is a 5 year-old Sprocker Spaniel. After a few minor concerns that the owner(a physio) had, she took her for a veterinary consultation and it was recommended that an MRI scan was done. The results showed that she had cervical invertebral disc disease and one of the discs had herniated so needed to be operated on. The surgery included fenestration from C2 – T1, where they remove the nuclei pulposus (the jelly bit in the centre of the disc), and decompression to remove the extruded material from the vertebral canal.

Post-operatively, she came home on day three on pain relief, antibiotics and strict crate rest for a minimum of two weeks. From the day she came home, her owner began to use the Photizo on the surgical site and on both the left and right cervicals from C2 to and around the cranial side of the scapula for added pain relief and healing. The pictures below were from day six post-surgery. The surgical site is almost completely healed, so we’re all hoping that it is the same internally. Jazzy loves having the Photizo on it, so she is obviously getting some instant pain relief from it too.

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