Rapid wound healing case result during Covid-19 lockdown!

This is the case study of Belle’s remarkable wound healing from 29 March to 8 April 2020 (10 days). Huge thanks to Sophie Whymark, owner of SLW Equine Sports & Rehabilitation Massage Therapy who kindly provided us with daily updates of Belle’s healing during the lockdown.

Belle is a 17 year-old Selle Francais mare and she caused herself an injury to her back legs on 29 March 2020. This was caused by her being in season and being turned out next to a gelding. They had a disagreement, this ended up with Belle trying to kick the gelding through the fence and caught her legs. Belle’s owner, Joelle called the vet to ask for advise and was given antibiotics to give to Belle. Sophie offered the use of a Photizo Vetcare to Joelle for her to use alongside Belle’s course on antibiotics (5 days).

Day 1: These photos were taken on day 1 of the injury. As you can see there are separate smaller wounds involved in this injury. The Photizo was used on each separate wound once in the morning and once in the evening. Belle was moved to a different paddock, so she was away from the gelding she had a disagreement with.

Day 2: The wound is looking a lot cleaner and is starting to heal. The skin is clean and there is no signs of infection. Having the Photizo applied to the wound within 4-6 hours has helped reversed cell death so the wound has a high chance of an efficient recovery.

Day 3: The ‘redness’ has reduced, and the wound is still looking very clean. As part of the wound is in an area of increased movement (the hock joint), Sophie did wonder if this would affect the rate of healing as the wound would be stretched and pulled as Belle walked. Fortunately, there is no bleeding from the wound or excess exudate leaking from it either.

Day 4: Belle often gets swelling in her lower legs if she is stood for too long or if she must spend long periods of time in the stable. Joelle was happy to report that there was no swelling of the lower leg during to treatment of the Photizo. Sophie explained to her that this is because the Photizo helps to clear inflammation and increases lymphatic activity. Therefore, this will aid the removal of toxins around the wound, increasing circulation so oxygenated blood can get to the wound to help with the healing process.

Day 6: We have hair growth! This was one of Joelle’s worries. She was concerned that the hair would not grow back or would grow back white. Luckily, the hair is coming through and it isn’t white.

Day 7: The scabs are now beginning to drop off to show clean, healthy, and rejuvenated skin underneath. The Photizo is still being used twice a day (morning and night), once on each area of the wound. Belle has now finished her antibiotics and Joelle is still incredibly happy with the healing process. The battery life on the Photizo has proved to be exceptionally good and Joelle has not had to charge it since she has been using it. This is a really useful feature of the Photizo, not having to charge it often, which can prove to be a bit awkward if you do not have access to electricity at your yard and you are in the middle of treating a wound with the unit. Belle shows lots of signs of relaxation during her treatment and licks and chews, yawns, and lowers her head which are all signs of releases.

Day 9: Scabs are still coming away from the wounds and the wounds are still looking clean and thee are no signs of infection. Belle is still living out 24/7 and there are no flies that are bothering her or showing interest in her legs. This is a brilliant advantage of the device. As wound healing is accelerated, the chance of infections, flies causing issues or further injury to an area is significantly reduced.

Day 10: The application of the Photizo LED Light Therapy Unit has now been reduced to once a day. The wound is clean, there is hair growing, Belle hasn’t shown any signs of lameness throughout and she is happy for the wound to be touched. Joelle is super impressed how well the device has worked and wishes that she had known about the device sooner. It is such an awesome piece of equipment and should be in everyone’s equine first aid kit.


The rate of healing of Belle’s wounds has been incredible. This has been the first large injury that Sophie has followed with the use of the Photizo, and she says that she cannot believe the difference in the 10 days that we have documented.

She adds: “This unit is absolutely second to none to speed up the rate of healing. As an equine sports and rehabilitation massage therapist, I agree with Joelle and think a Photizo should be in every owner’s equine first aid kit. I would have loved to have been able to give Belle a massage during this healing process to give the lymphatic system an added boost but, due to the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak, I have been unable to do that.

“Thank you ever so much Photizo, we have one very happy horse, owner and equine sports and rehabilitation massage therapist.”

— Sophie Whymark

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